Compendium on Foam Rollers

What you can expect in the near future

Our main focuses at the moment are:

  • Building an exercise database (Beta Users). Evaluating and breaking down various foam roller exercises with an emphasis on proper execution.
  • Evaluating exercises within the context of the respective goal(s). Items such as SMF, increased flexibility, point sources, strength, and scar tissue breakdown
  • A realistic database of which muscle group(s) can be targeted using a foam roller and to what extent (Beta Users)

Which foam roller?

For the current build stage, we are focusing primiarily on a database of exercises. Once completed, we'll look more closely at the roles/impacts of using the different types of foam rollers. (Stiffness, surface properties, length, etc.)

I'm using the following rollers for testing; A) 31" Original Density Rumble Roller, B) 16" cut PVC tube (ouch!), C) 14" Bullet Foam Roller, and D) generic variety amazon branded soft roller.

My early personal favourite is still the Rumble Roller which I used years ago already. My cat's favourite is the amazon roller, the material of which, he figures provides the best contextual feeling for biting, chewing, and sinking his claws into.